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Embodied Eating Recovery

A 4 month program, drawing principles from my own experience of healing a 15-year long eating disorder through Ancient Wisdoms & Mindfulness practices, which involves 3 vital aspects in managing any form of addiction:

  • Regulating the nervous system and creating safety in the body

  • Strengthening the mind, fostering new connection and neural pathways

  • Bringing the body back to a state of balance 



Feel Good Flow Sessions

A rhythmic flow of Qi gong, Yoga and Lymphatic sequences to promote health and harmony in specific organ systems, as well as overall balance of body and mind.

Classes are ideally done outdoors to enable us to ground and connect to the Earth and take in energy from nature around us.

Can be done in private or as a group. 

To learn more, get in touch

Nervous System Restoration

A soothing - often deeply releasing - practice targeted to identity and gently meet patterns of discomfort or holding in the body, which can often be the cause of dis-ease or stagnation in the physical and/or energetic body.

Through this practice we activate our Parasymphatetic Nervous System - the part of our nervous system that is responsible to help our bodies “Rest and Digest”. 


Working to regulate the nervous system is a key tool in helping our bodies respond to, and deal with, whatever is arising in our lives.


To learn more, get in touch


Wellness Guidance

A one-on-one session to help you gain clarity around symptoms or conditions you are currently experiencing.


We will go over diet, lifestyle, mental/emotional stressors and habits that might not be supportive, and look at ways to incorporate and modify things to bring the body and mind towards a state of balance and vitality. 


Can be done in person or online.

To learn more, get in touch

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When life happens (which it always does), when things don’t turn out the way you intend it to, on days you feel your own body is betraying you, remember - deep breaths into the belly, and ask yourself:


“What is needed right now?

What can I do to bring a bit of balance back to my body and energy?

Is it a 5 minute rest, is it a warm bowl of soup, a hug or a walk in fresh air?"

And slowly start from there

“I came to Pooja with massive discomfort due to hormonal imbalances and water retention.


Within the first month, I had learnt practices to reduce inflammation and had dropped half a dress size.


Now at at the end of the program, i find myself very naturally following the plan and my water retention has definitely reduced - I've also got my cycles back to normal!"

Jakarta, 33


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